Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

I can't believe I have two kids in school now, how did it happen? Kids, can you just slow down a little? Don't grown up too fast! After a long, fun summer, I am ready for them to start school. I think they are ready as well. Jathan assigns to the teacher who he wanted and also a few friends will be the same class as him from 1st Grade, he is very excited about that.
Brianne was so so excited about kindergarten, she has been watching Jathan gone to school for couple years, finally it's her turn now! Sometimes Brianne can be really shy and quiet with new experience , but I can see the excitement in  her eye, and she was very willing to do the work her teacher has for her. I'm so happy for her. On the other hand, Jeff is having a little hard time about his baby girl starting kindergarten, well... I didn't help either, I told him she will be on her mission the next time he blinks! haha!! not very nice! I know.. haha!
Jathan and Brianne had a great start of their school year of 2013, I hope that they continue to have fun, keep learning and be a good friend to the people around them.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

20 months going on 5

From the moment she was born, Miss Polly was already acting like she knew a lot.  She was crawling at 7 months old and walking by 10 and half, it seemed like she wanted to skip the baby stage and went right into be a toddler. Now at 20 months, she is done being a toddler. She thinks she is as big as her brother and sister and should have the same treatment as them.

Every time Jathan and Brianne go outside to play with friends, Miss Polly has to go along. She is overjoy when she gets to go, but when she is left behind.. O boy! She is not a happy camper. She would have the saddest face then ask "Why?" In fact, she asks me why about 50 times a day. I will not be surprised to hear "not fair!" coming out from that little mouth in the near future.
After having 3 kids and with a lot of nieces and nephews around, we can say it in confidence that Miss Polly is a little advance in her verbal skill. I don't know any 20 months old talks as much as my daughter, she expresses herself very well most of the time, she would tell me she wants food or she is tired or she needs to do some business in the bathroom. Couple nights ago, she was awaken by a nightmare, and saying "cary, cary!" (she meant scary.) It is nice to know exactly what she want, but she really can talk your ear off. =)
I have to say that Miss Polly is quite a little mama. Since she doesn't think she is a baby or a little girl, she thinks all little ones are babies. We were at a grocery store one times, and she saw a mom who was holding a kid (must be at least 3 or 4), Polly pointed at the kid and said "Oh, baby!"  Clearly, she has no concept about age. haha!! In nursery at church, she is one of the youngsters but it doesn't stop her to make sure the other kids are behaving. she saw some kids are pushing the divider in the room, she yelled at all of them: "Hey! stop!" The teacher and I just laughed and thought it was very cute.
In few days, Jathan and Brianne are starting school. Polly and I are going to have few hours alone. It's going to be interesting, she is so used to having Jathan and Brianne home, she might be going in withdrawn when they are in school, but I am looking forward to spend some time with her just me and her.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer comes and gone

Where did summer go?? I can't believe school starts in FIVE days!!! Summer is always fun, but I'm ready for my kiddos to start school. Almost three months of doing nothing doesn't go well with me, I like them to learn and interact with friends, and I think they enjoy that much better than just hanging out with mom.
We celebrated our 11th anniversary by going on a three days two nights trip to Vegas without kids (thanks to my in-laws). We had never gone on a trip like these, the only two times I left my babies overnight were the time I was giving birth to Brianne and Polly. Although it was fun, I was ready to be a mom again after being away for two nights. Polly was so happy to see her mommy, and would not leave me out of her sight for awhile.

 And Jeff managed to surprise me with this handmade cabinet as my anniversary gift, seriously the picture doesn't do justice, it is so beautiful!!

Po Po was here with us for couple weeks in July, the kids was so excited to see her, especially Polly. Jathan and Brianne knew PoPo was just visiting us, but Polly didn't know any better, everyday she would look for Po Po and call for her about 100 times. The morning Po Po left, Polly was going into every room looking for her, then she looked at me sadly and said:"uh-o, Po Po all gone." I hope we will see her again soon.

 We went camping couple times over the summer, the kiddos love it. Jathan was very eager to help building fire and did get burned, I guess that's part of the process. When I asked the kids what is their favorite part of camping, "S'mores!" they are screamed! That's what I thought they would say. =)
 We were at Strawberry Reservoir to do a little fishing, It was too bad that they didn't catch any fish, but the kids were very happy just playing with the seaweed by the shore. I didn't plan on Jathan to jump into the water, or else I would bring some swimming gear. After he got into the water, everyone wanted to jump in as well, including Polly. Jeff has to hold on to her so tightly or she would be swimming with Jathan. That was a fun day!

Look at Cute little Thomas! Well, he is not that little. He is ten months younger than Polly but his thigh is twice as big....haha!! maybe not twice, but they are very big! Matt and Amanda sure have some cute boys, I hope they will have a girl soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stunt Girl?!

Have you ever seen a boy shirt that say "I do my own stunt!", I thought it was pretty cute when I saw it the first time at Target few years ago. Never in a million years did I think I would need one for my Brianne. A month ago I was talking to a group of moms at a gathering, we did a "which child of yours is the trouble maker of the family?" poll. Most of them agreed that their second one are the most difficult, some said their third are worst! I really hope these is it, I don't think I can handle worse.

Brianne always has a hard time following commands, we struggled so much on teaching her to buckle herself in the car. I guess she just doesn't understand the importance of  being buckled! Unlike Brianne, Jathan is a very cautious person, he always buckles, always stays close when we are at the store, always stay away from dangerous situation. (I hope it will continuous through his teenage years) You can imagine how hard it was for me from teaching a good little boy to managing a wild girl. Well, Brianne has been doing a lot better the past six months, we didn't think we have to worry about that anymore, I guess we spoke too soon.

On memorial weekend, we had a party at Jeff's brother house. As we were leaving, we loaded up all the kids as usual and Jeff started to drive off. Our Car always locks itself when we start driving but not that day. Jeff and I were chatting, and all of the sudden we heard Brianne screamed and saw that her door was opened, she was hanging on the door and her car seat flown out. My heart sank. Luckily Jeff was only going like 30mph, he stopped the car immediately even though we are in the middle of the road. It was a miracle that she didn't even have a scratch on her.
You will think after the incident, she will forever remember she needs to be buckled when she is in the car. Ha! WRONG!!!  After five days, she totally forgot what had happened. Not only she didn't buckle herself and 1/3 of her body was out of the window, it almost gave me an heart attack.

Don't be fool by the cute look, this little girl has no fear.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jathan's Crush

Jathan loves his kindergarten class, he always talks about his friends from school. We know he was friend with couple girls and we didn't think much about it until I saw his school work at the end of the year (about a month ago). Like any other 6 years old boy, Jathan is not too fond of girls. Every time there's a kissing scene in the movie, Brianne would tease him saying "oh, Jathan's favorite part" and without fail, Jathan would roar with angry. Also, He has tried to put a "Girl Not Allow" sign on the door hoping to keep Brianne out, I just laughed and told him that he can keep Brianne out because it's her room too. With all those signs, I though for sure my son is a anti-girl 6 years old. I guess I'm wrong!

Jathan and I were looking through his work and he was telling me what he drew, then I spotted the picture below.
me: Jathan, who is the girl in the picture?
Jathan: Rylee!
me: you giving her flower?
Jathan: yeah.....
Simply Cute!
The most surprising thing in the picture was the date. He drew that about 3 weeks after his kindergarten started. I didn't know his little crash was formed so early. He only know Rylee for 3 weeks when he drew these.......
Here is the lucky girl! haha!!
I hope we will have a good laugh when we reading this blog entry in twenty years, I bet Jathan will not remember the first picture he drew about a girl. It is so cute, so sweet! It is something we should remember. =)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Princess Birthday

Yes, I'm a little behind in the blog, you have to understand that I barely have time to eat with three kids. Sorry, feeding the kids has to come before blogging. I know it's July already and I'm posting picture for Brianne's birthday, but I just don't have to heart to skip such a important event. Well... this blog is for me to document events, stories and stuff I want the kids to know in the future, who cares it's late! =)

After Jathan had a Harry Potter birthday, I think I just set myself up for more work. He is talking to have an Angry Bird birthday this year and Lego the next. For my Brianne who is pretty easy going. We had a little princess birthday for her. We invited few friends over, watched Tangle while I painted their nails, and we made some jewelries. Last but not least, everyone one got a princess cupcake.

It is hard for me to think of Brianne being a big girl cause she was my baby for 3 years and 9 months. She is so eager to learn and do everything Jathan does. I know she is going to one of those kids who is so excited for school, she wouldn't look back to say goodbye when I drop her off first day of school and that would make me sad.=(

Anyway, I just want my baby girl to know that daddy and mommy love you. At age of 4, you are a great big sister to Polly and a loving little sister who always want to please your brother. Although you have a hard time using your ears to listen sometimes and you do a very good job annoying your brother, we always know you are just a silly girl. Daddy LOVES your hugs and kisses and Mommy loves bringing you along when she goes shopping. Someday you are going to read this post and I hope you remember your fun childhood, the most important, I hope you know how much daddy and mommy love you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Josh and Anthony

My Poor Sister-in-law, Amanda had two kidney stones within a week, I have never had one and I'm not complaining. I so hope that she will get better soon. We got to hang out with the boys while they are at the E.R.

Jeff and I were trying to figure out who dress Josh, when we saw him with two left foot shoes on and his short backward. My guess was Matt or Amanda was in a lot and a lot of pain to dress Josh this way.=)
 We had a lot of fun having them over, they are cute kids! I really hope Amanda is having a girl, I think she needs a baby doll of her own.