Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

I can't believe I have two kids in school now, how did it happen? Kids, can you just slow down a little? Don't grown up too fast! After a long, fun summer, I am ready for them to start school. I think they are ready as well. Jathan assigns to the teacher who he wanted and also a few friends will be the same class as him from 1st Grade, he is very excited about that.
Brianne was so so excited about kindergarten, she has been watching Jathan gone to school for couple years, finally it's her turn now! Sometimes Brianne can be really shy and quiet with new experience , but I can see the excitement in  her eye, and she was very willing to do the work her teacher has for her. I'm so happy for her. On the other hand, Jeff is having a little hard time about his baby girl starting kindergarten, well... I didn't help either, I told him she will be on her mission the next time he blinks! haha!! not very nice! I know.. haha!
Jathan and Brianne had a great start of their school year of 2013, I hope that they continue to have fun, keep learning and be a good friend to the people around them.

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